Total House Approved Plans.

Mission Objective

What we do: We produced beautifully functional, approved plans that are ready to build from.

 How we do it: We do this by designing the plan as a whole; satisfying planning rules, meeting structural demands, complying to building regulations whilst fulfilling the priorities of our clients.

Why we do it: The family home is the most valuable of assets. We go to this level of effort to produce a set of plans that function beautifully, in order to save our clients from falling victim to below-standard architecture.

   This is architecture 100%.

Choose Architecture 100

There are 54,000 registered architects in the UK.

Unlike the crowd we have a single, straightforward fixed fee for all our different project types, so you know exactly what you will be spending from the outset.

Working our way up from mucky building sites, we know precisely what it will take to deliver that stunning finish your home deserves. Our plans are a total and super-practical set of instructions that your builder can pick up with confidence and work from, down to the very last nail.

No guesswork, no fancy language. Just a set of beautiful drawings that work.


Architecture 100 was opened by the Federation of Master Builder’s National Master Builder. As industry leaders we dispensed SOS expert advice at trade shows to countless homeowners in the throes of their homebuilding nightmare.

In 80% of cases their problems stemmed from inadequately prepared architectural plans. Building over 50 loft and extensions each year, we almost always had to re-engineer the sub-standard plans we were given to build from.

Architecture 100 bridges the disconnect between plans and the building site, producing beautifully approved plans that are ready to build from.




We are a tight-knit team of pros at Architecture 100 and family values matter in how we work.We value honesty over bravado, meaning we only make promises we can keep. If a scheme is unviable we will say so; if the cost of a design feature outweighs the benefit we will tell you.

We value practicality over showiness. There is no point designing a plan that can’t be implemented.

Lastly we value straight-talk over fluffy conversation. We use everyday language over technical trivia – it’s just easier that way!

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