Green Home Design

Green Home Design

Architecture 100’s greener homes mission

We at Architecture 100 are doing our bit in the fight against global warming. According to Carbon Brief, UK homes contribute approximately 15% towards climate change, so there is a lot that can be done to make homes greener and more sustainable. As designers and builders of residential homes we accept that we have a responsibility to reduce the carbon footprint of the homes we create, as well as how we operate as a responsible business. Therefore we have set out our goals to greenify our output over the next 2 years, and when these targets are met we will ratchet up our sustainability goals once again.
Proposed plan- 3D Design

Green our homes are becoming more affordable

We have hit the ground running in hitting our objectives, and several of our current projects incorporate elements of green design, be at the loft conversion, kitchen extension, or granny annex. In residential design and build, there are lots of green levers that we can pull, from micro power generation to renewable heating supply, passive cooling techniques and the use of more eco-friendly building materials.

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