Straightforward architectural packages

Most Architects in London won’t hit you with their final bill until the whole job is complete… which nearly always means a costly surprise. But not so at Architecture 100.

Instead, we give you one single, straightforward 100% fixed price from the outset – and we guarantee it’ll be more affordable than a traditional architect. So what’s the catch then? There isn’t one. We want to make buying a quality architectural package as simple and as transparent as buying a pint of milk. We have a package suitable for every scenario – whether you’re ready to dive right in and get going, or whether you just want to dip your toes in and see if potential project is feasible for your home. 

Desktop Survey

  • For: Homeowners who are considering their options and would benefit from impartial and practical advice on feasibility of proposed plan

  • You will get : The production of a written 2-page report by architectural team, within which we will carry out an elementary assessment to ascertain in the feasibility of a proposed sheme

  • What's included:
  • Elementary design briefing
  • High level design consultation
  • Council archive application check
  • Comparable research
  • Conservation area check
  • Street survey
  • Production of desktop survey report

  • At the end of which you will know:
  • The most likely planning route
  • How long the design & planning process will take
  • The most likely conversion type for your property
  • Sight of loft schemes most similar to your own
  • Any potential red flags to the proposed scheme
  • Any likely party wall implications
  • What the most suitable architectural package for you is

Architecture Stage 1

Planning Only

  • What's included
  • Design brief
  • Local authority planning archive research
  • Identification of the optimum planning pathway
  • Unlimited Q&A in 1x block
  • Production of proposed planning drawings
  • Presentation of proposed plans via Zoom
  • 1x client-led revision cycles
  • Preparation of full planning application
  • Submission of planning application

  • What's not
  • Fully measured architectural survey
  • Planning application fee and portal service charge

Architecture Stage 2

Structurals & Building Regs

  • What's in

  • Identification an appointment of the most suitable structural engineer for the particular project
  • Review of existing extension plans where required
  • Production of structural calculations
  • Production of structural plan
  • Production of building regulations drawings
  • 1 x revision cycle between Architect and Engineer

  • What's not
  • Physical structural inspection carried out when required
  • Opening up works
  • Client-side revisions not required

Architecture Stage 3

Technical Designs

  • What's in
  • Fully specified technical drawings will allow you to get to-the-penny accurate quotes from builders
  • Half-day face-to-face technical design meeting Lunch provided
  • Electrical specifications
  • Mechanical specifications
  • Joinery specifications
  • Fenestration and ancillary specifications
  • Unlimited Q&A in 1x block
  • 1no Client-led revision cycle
  • Production of final set of working drawings

  • What's not
  • Non-standard material and product research
  • Bathroom, kitchen, and cupboard design, although first fix integrations are provided
  • 3D image and video render of proposed scheme available add-ons



  • Ancillaries
    In addition to the architectural packages we can

    Pre-application consultations
    We can attend pre-application meetings with the local authority planning department to positively influence decision-making

    Interior design
    We can introduce you to interior designers and work alongside them to ensure seamlessness in the design process.

    Party wall
    Our party wall partners will hand-hold you through what can be a tricky process, and we can produce any technical drawing detail required by external surveyors.

    Access to trade discounts
    We have access to serious trade discounts for nearly everything - kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, bespoke glazing, tiles, designer radiators and more.

    Introductions to Contractor
    We only ever make introductions to contractors with whom we have worked successfully in the past, whose workmanship is of high standard and who are reputable, vetted and competent persons.

Project Management

  • For: Homeowners who want a competent, neutral construction Project Manager to interface between the household, the contractor and building control, to ensure the project is built in accordance with the agreed plans.

    You will get : The gold standard. You‘ll have The Federation Of Master Builder’s National Master Builder overseeing the work of your appointed contractors to ensure audit quality of workmanship and job progress against the build schedule.
  • Review of plans to ensure they are site ready for the contractor;
  • Review of appointed contractor quotation and schedules of work;
  • Pre-start meeting on site to preview the build;
  • Ensure excellent quality of workmanship throughout;
  • Weekly progress review of the build schedule including site progress review PM/contractor, PM/client debrief, Highlight deviations from plan, agree actions to get back on schedule.
  • Interface with Building Control, including receipt and relay of work requests;
  • Formalise project end;

  • What’s not
  • Contract management and formal dispute resolution
  • Daily operational matters and change order requests, which are matters for the appointed crew on site.

Still can't choose?

Not sure which package is right for you?

No problem, we have real Architects, real Surveyors and real Planning Researchers at the other end of the telephone. Don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will identify the most appropriate architectural package for your specific needs. The call will take about 5-10 minutes. We will take the time to really understand your project, your household’s need for space and what the design priorities are.

You’ll get loads of info about the planning process from us, and it’s free!

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