How to extend your house, without destroying it


Every 24 minutes, someone somewhere in Britain starts building an extension to their house, but regrettably an obscene number of these home improvement projects end in total catastrophe.

We have all experienced the horror of working with a dodgy builder, or at least know someone who has, so the prospect of entrusting them with the most valuable thing you and your family own is enough to make anyone’s stomach churn.

But what if the reason so many house extensions fail isn’t simply down to cowboy builders? What if you knew the real reasons house renovation projects fail, and importantly, how you can avoid making the same mistakes as well? How To Extend Your Home is a step-by-step handbook on how to extend your home successfully.

This book distills the lessons of a collective lifetime in the industry into a single, easy-to-read guide for homeowners thinking about extending their home. Who better to guide you past the pitfalls of the house extension process than Britain’s officially ‘most heavenly builder’, the same team who also run this multi-award-winning architectural practice. This 360-degree vista of the marketplace provides unparalleled insights of true workings the house extension industry, from the inside out.

In fact, so powerful are the lesson in this book that major professional industry bodies promote it as essential reading for own members.

So before extending your property, invest a little time in learning about the home extension process. The lessons inside may just save you from the nightmare of a home improvement gone wrong.

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How to extend your home and get it right first time - Deepak Udassi
Rt. Hon Tan Dhesi MP
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This book shines a light on the workings of residential design and build and should be compulsory reading for consumers serious about renovating and extending their home.
Sue Gordon
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I cannot express in words how much this book has helped me through the project. I haven’t undergone any major building work before, and I wouldn’t have known where to begin without it!
Erin Murphy
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Really useful handbook, I read it before we got the Architect in, and then used it as a reference book through the building work. Highly recommended.