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You haven’t found us by accident, we have been looking for you. 

In your industry, your clients will have the need for a professional, friendly Architect. And we are here to help you, help them.

Sooner or later your client will ask you to refer an Architect to draw up plans for their property. In fact they may even expect you to refer an architect. So why not make doing so work for you?

Giving a good referral will position you as an authority in the industry, and probably lead to even more business for you.

But a bad referral can lead to loss of credibility and future income.

As an Architecture 100 affiliate, you are empowered to make a solid, safe referral to an established practice with walk-in offices on the Hight Street. ​

How it works

As an Architecture 100 affiliate partner, you will:

  1. Receive referral stickers that fit nicely onto the back of your business cards;
  2. Hand the card to your client when you refer us;
  3. On the website they will be asked for their referral contact (you);
  4. Enjoy the benefits 🙂


  • Super safe, reliable referral that will elevate your status with the client;

  • 5% referral fee per successful referral; plus a £500 bonus for 4 successful referrals in a month;

  • Your logo added to our Pro’s page with backlink to your website (great for your SEO);

  • A mention in our newsletter, read by 5,000+ London homeowners;

  • Guarantee of return work – we ensure the client comes straight back to you for the service you provide.

Would You Like To Be A Partner?

Fill out the form and request to join our partner panel.

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I have used traditional architects in the past. I was very disappointed with the service they provided. They were expensive and pricing unclear, so it was very refreshing to see upfront fees. Thank you, Loft Conversion Architect, it was great designing my loft with you
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Having used them, I couldn’t recommend them more highly. Clear drawings & layout. We didn’t have any problem at all with their work
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Architecture100 did exactly what they promised without bother. They gave us a transparent, competitive upfront price and it didn’t budge!
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Without fuss! We highly recommend this organisation, the only one that meets the stated objectivities. The extra care and attention is an encouraging extra
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My builders had no trouble understanding the drawings. Architecture100 provides me with smart solutions to optimise space. Very happy with the service

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