Terraced house kitchen extension: key points to take into consideration

A terraced house kitchen extension may be worth considering, in order to create more space and increase the overall value of your home. Here are some key points to take into consideration before beginning this major renovation project:

Planning is essential

Before commencing any work, it’s important to plan out every detail – be that layout, what materials you wish to use or accommodating for budget constraints.

Get expert help

Hiring an experienced professional will ensure that both design and construction are carried out correctly. Make sure references have been checked when choosing who to hire. Check out previous projects like this kitchen extension in Acton developed by City Lofts London. Also make sure you avoid these builder marketing traps.

Check local regulations

Depending on the size of your project, planning permission from the relevant authority may be required; it is best to check with local planning authorities first.

Picking the right materials

When selecting the materials for your terraced house kitchen extension, you have a variety of options at your disposal. Think about how durable the material is, how much maintenance it needs, and what kind of aesthetics it will bring to your space. Consider timber, brick or steel as potential choices.

Take lighting and ventilation into account

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your terraced house kitchen extension starts with making sure there’s plenty of natural light and adequate ventilation.

terraced house kitchen extension in Acton, London

Look into layout possibilities

Figure out exactly how you want to design your kitchen – select an open-plan layout or divide up the area for cooking, dining and social activities? 

Be mindful with budgeting

Terraced house kitchen extensions can be quite expensive so plan ahead and make sure you’ve accounted for any unexpected costs that may arise down the line. Make sure you have made the decision to extend considering the moving alternative.

Understand building regulations

Before constructing a kitchen extension, make sure to hire a contractor with an understanding of the relevant building regulations. 

Select appliances and fixtures

Once your space is ready, take the time to pick out appliances and fittings that suit both your needs and the area.

Make use of the extra room

Extending an old Victorian-style kitchen can be incredibly beneficial for your property’s value as well as improving life at home

Make the most out of your terraced house kitchen extension investment by taking pleasure in all that your new space offers! Let us help you on the journey – lets start by getting planning approval from just £1,500. Just fill out this form and we’ll appraise your project fee in no more than two working days, or email us at plans@architecture100.com