10 ways to cut the cost of your London loft conversion

A loft conversion is a great way to add value and space to your home. However, just like any other kind of work you carry out on your property, the costs can run away with you. Therefore, take a look below to find out how you can cut the cost of your London loft conversion and of your planning application.

If You Want More Light Add Larger Windows

The loft can be a dark space and so, if you want more light, don’t think about adding more windows. Instead, opt for larger windows. This is because adding more windows requires more work which can add to the cost and the time.

Plan for the Unexpected

This might sound like you are saving money but it will prevent you from being hit with unexpected costs. Therefore, try to think of everything and put the money aside. If you end up not using this additional money then you haven’t spent it or been caught out.

Keep It Standard

You might be tempted to spend more on materials or try something different which is fine. However, many of these things have waiting times and cost more. Therefore, opt for standard fittings and features but remember that you do have regulations to adhere to.

Look for Alternatives

If you want to cut costs then you can tweak the design slightly. You can opt for one-bedroom instead of two which can help to reduce the cost of materials and labour. Think about alternative designs and you could slash your costs.

Choose Cheaper Windows

uPVC windows are not for everyone but they are cheaper. If you had a particular look in mind that included Timber or Aluminum windows then you are going to pay more. uPVC windows can look smart and modern and they now come in more designs than they used to.

Use Trade Accounts and Make Use of Sales

If you can make use of trade accounts then you can get items at the lowest price possible. Even if you do it through your loft conversion company, the savings can be passed onto you. Of course, you can also shop around and make use of the sales which means you can get carpets, tiles and bathrooms at a fraction of the cost. However, you must remember that often these are end of line products.

Keep an Eye on Delivery Times

While your loft conversion company will supply the majority of items, there are those that you might want to source yourself. If this is the case, then make a list of those items and try to have them delivered only when you need them. You don’t want to create a hazard for your builders or alternatively have them waiting for an item to be delivered because that will cost you money.

Consider the Finishing Touches

Naturally, you are going to want the best flooring or the best paint finish. However, you can choose alternative flooring that looks just as good but is lower in price. You could also do the painting yourself and save a small fortune on what you would have spent on a decorator.

The Cheapest Quote isn’t Always The Right One

We all want to make sure we are paying the right price. However, when you receive quotes, you need to compare what you are getting for your money because that can make a difference. The cheapest quote might have omitted several things that could cost you more when you realise they aren’t included.

Keep Extras at a Minimum

It is all too easy to run away with extras. From fancy bathroom fittings to special lighting or even additional storage. All of it will cost you more. Choose the bare minimum when it comes to extras and consider those that you really need.

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