Architecture in London: how architecture is shaping our city

Architecture in London: how architecture is shaping our city

London is a city that has a long and distinguished history. Throughout the centuries, it has passed through eras such as the Georgian Era, the Victorian Era and right through to the 21stcentury. All it takes is a walk through the city to see just how these eras have left their mark on this city. What was once a small city has now grown into one of the biggest cities in the world.

The mash-up and blend of architecture paint a picture of how London used to be, however, it is the old architecture that has given London its distinct character but now things are changing and that can be seen when you look at the cityscape.

Over the last two decades or so, London has undergone some radical changes and all have helped to pull the city into the 21stcentury. Some might say that it had to be pulled kicking and screaming but if that was the case then it has certainly learned to embrace its change in architecture.

As a city that is popular with tourists and a part of the English heritage and history of this magnificent country, it is important that it still stands proud and leads from the front. This is where we see how the architecture that we see today has almost redefined an ageing city. As a city that is 2,000 years old, a change was needed and it came.

It all began really with the turn of the millennium. The installation of the millennium dome and then what followed was a bold move forward. The skyline was changing. Modern structures took hold, with pillars and spires that burst into the sky. The architecture was becoming a prominent part of the city and it almost put London back on the modern map. As cities such as New York or even the likes of Dubai were pushing boundaries, London was getting left behind but that is no longer the case.

The new architecture that we see today has given London a new identity, an almost new layer that sits on top of the older architecture. The structures that are now a part of London are modern, sophisticated and they are as much about catching the eye as they are about being practical. The Gherkin and the Shard are two buildings that can now rival many of the top building we see in other cities across the globe. The architecture is unique, quirky and that is the reason why many top corporations decide to call these buildings home. The shapes and angles almost defy the odds yet these buildings are architectural masterpieces. As the city continues to grow, the new architecture will continue to redefine this amazing city through planning applications. While the older architecture still very much has a place in London, the new architecture has to help shape the city into a modern version of itself. This will enable London to continue to call itself one of the most prominent and influential cities in the world.

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