Do all properties qualify for permitted development rights?

By now you know about all the things you can do to your home with permitted development rights. But these rights are not universal. Knowing what the restrictions are will help you to identify the most appropriate route through the planning process for your development.

Types of properties where permitted development rights do not apply:

  • For flats and maisonettes, you will need to submit a full planning application;
  • Properties in ‘designated areas’, such areas including conservation zones, national parks, areas of outstanding natural beauty, world heritage sites, the Norfolk broads and Suffolk broads. Here, permitted development rights will be curtailed.
  • Properties located in an area where an article 4 direction is in force. Here, permitted development right will have been removed entirely.
  • New houses. It is common for new build houses to have had their permitted development rights removed or curtailed at the time planning consent for the development was granted. Sometimes rights are restored after a period of time.

And remember, the inclusion of certain features on the proposed extension will push the scheme outside of the permitted development parameters. Remind yourself what these are here.

Now that you know permitted development rights have their limits, you are better placed to identify the optimum route through the planning process for your proposed scheme. Always take professional planning advice before submitting a planning application to ensure you don’t waste time and money submitting the wrong type of application. 

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