How a London loft conversion can transform a flat into a family home

How a London loft conversion can transform a flat into a family homeWith rising house prices and a lack of supply to meet demand, owning a home that is the right fit can prove difficult. London has its own property market which is separate to that of the rest of the UK and that has made it difficult for people to move up the property ladder.

With larger properties costing upwards of £1 million, those who own a flat can struggle to make that next step into a house. Therefore, families can often find that a flat becomes too small, cramped and difficult to live in. Despite this, living in a flat does come with options. One, in particular, is to convert the loft space.

While many people often think that this is something that is done on houses, it is possible to convert a loft that is part of a flat, helping to turn it into a family home. Of course, to achieve this, you would need to own the upper loft so that you can make use of the empty space above you. If you find yourself in this position then not only can you increase space but you can also add significant value.

So, how can a loft transform a flat into a family home? First of all, you are claiming back a lot of space and the potential here is massive (see our architectural packages) A one-bedroom apartment, depending on the size of the loft, could be turned into a three-bedroom while the available space can also be used to create all kinds of rooms. How you determine what the available space will be used for will be down to your personal preference. Maybe you are looking for additional bedrooms for children or you want to turn it into a master bedroom, freeing up space in the main area of the flat. You might choose to create a new bathroom in the loft or turn it into a play area for the children.

When you opt to convert your loft, you have the potential to become as creative as you wish. A loft conversion will overhaul the look and feel of your flat and will ultimately turn it into a living space that is more than adequate for a family. What’s more, the available space will become an integral part of your home that is accessible through its very own staircase. It won’t feel separate to the home but it will become a space that you can make use of instantly.

So, if you live in London and are worried that you are never going to be able to have the family home that you have always wanted, then that is not the end of the road. A loft conversion can transform your property, give you use of space that was once never used and help to create a home that is practical and liveable. What’s more, you could also see it as an investment, which in years to come could help you to make that move to your dream home.

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