How to get into your flow working from home

Do you find yourself struggling to stay focused? Do you find that at the end of the day you feel like you’ve been busy but not really accomplished the tasks that needed to get done? Or that you’re just not as productive as what you would like to be?

Getting in the Zone

Getting into the zone or a state of ‘flow’ when it comes to work can be a tough task at the best of times! Flow (Flow State) is a positive psychology concept which is informally termed as “being in the zone”. It occurs when you are completely engaged in a certain activity that you may even forget the time and other factors. Being in a state of flow results in feelings of happiness, accomplishment, creativity and greater output.

Never mind now, with having to work from home, where our attention and focus is pulled in many directions between work and home obligations. Not to mention, the lack of focus you may be experiencing due to all the challenges and changes that this unprecedented time brings.

The Brain is wired for Negative bias

This is not your fault, our biology and psychology are hard wired to move us into survival/protection mode, and we are wired for ‘negative bias’. This means our attention is weighted to negative events/experiences, and our brains doesn’t care that you may still need to preform and focus your attention on being productive for work. Not only are most of us being triggered into this survival/protection mode due to what’s happening with COVID19, but our working environment is not what it once was. Whether you work in an office or at home, what you have been accustom to I bet has shifted, with a load of things shouting for your attention and focus, meaning you may be easily distracted.

Learn to Hack the systems

Not all is lost though, there are ways to hack your biology and psychology to work with you during these times of distraction (and lets face it times of stress), rather than against you, so that you are still able to be productive.

My expertise is to support you in understanding how and why, as well as share evidence-based tools and techniques to equip you in managing this challenging time. I view this as winning two-fold, firstly you get to learn how to manage these currently challenges, and like a skill the more we use them the more skilled we become. Secondly, once life returns to some form of normalcy you will have gained a new set of skills that moves you from managing to optimizing your performance.

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